The Lucha Lounge Podcast

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Hosted by Elijah Kang.

Broadcasting from the Lucha Lounge Network.

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    Elizabeth II: Guitarist

    Elijah sits down with guitarist, singer songwriter, and band leader Elizabeth II. They talk all about her new album, geek out over guitar gear and she performs several of her songs live in studio.

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    Chris Cassaday: Singer Songwriter

    Elijah sits down with singer songwriter and band leader of the Cassaday Concoction, Chris Cassaday. They talk about his story, his leap into the music industry and he performs live in studio.

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    The October Sessions: String Band

    The October Sessions, a string band, visits the Lucha Lounge Podcast to perform live and discuss their music.

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    Hayley Fahey: Singer Songwriter

    Singer songwriter Hayley Fahey returns to the Lucha Lounge Podcast to talk about her new music.

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    Alex Purdy: Quantum Creator

    Elijah sits down with Alex Purdy, a quantum creator. They discuss what that means, her struggle with Adderall dependence, her time at the Recording Workshop in Ohio, and how all that culminates into the production of her music. She also performs many of her songs live in studio.

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    Kapitol: Music Producer

    Elijah sits down with Kapitol, one of the most talented music producers in the DMV. They discuss the production process, the intricacies of the MPC, the history of gogo music, and much more.

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    Greg Papanicolas: Powerlifter and Anarchist

    Elijah sits down with Greg Papanicolas, the owner of Anarchy Lifting. They discuss all things powerlifting and also talk at length about what anarchy truly means.

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    Emily Henry: Singer Songwriter

    Elijah sits down with singer songwriter, Emily Henry. They discuss her recent foray into a new genre, the nuances of her songwriting, and the production of her EP, Matchsticks. She also performs live in studio.

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    Mike P. Ryan: Singer Songwriter

    Elijah sits down with award winning singer songwriter, Mike P. Ryan. They discuss his musical history, his collaboration with other songwriters, and his unique method of coming up with very visual lyrics.

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    November Morning: Acoustic Duo

    Elijah sits down with Lisa J and Montree of November Morning, an acoustic duo from the DMV. They discuss how the duo came to be, the intricacies of putting together a set list, and writing their original music. They also perform live in studio.

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