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Hosted by Elijah Kang.

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    Katriella: Singer Songwriter and Yogi

    Elijah sits down with Katriella, a singer songwriter and yogi. They discuss her music, creative process and things like yoga nidra and kirtan chants.

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    Tory Cheshire and Zeno: Puppy Trainer

    Elijah sits down with Tory Cheshire, a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. They discuss all things related to the world of service dogs.

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    Killian McMurphy & Sonny Kiss: Pro Wrestlers

    Elijah sits down with professional wrestlers Killian McMurphy and Sonny Kiss. They discuss the state of professional wrestling, what it is like to wrestle your significant other, and the importance of showcasing different lifestyles in the ring.

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    Molly Sherman: Event Rider

    Elijah sits down with event rider Molly Sherman. They talk about her career as a professional rider, her horse Charlie, and what it is like to compete at an international level.

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    Anthony Dante: Singer Songwriter

    Elijah sits down with singer songwriter Anthony Dante for a conversation and in studio performance. They discuss his recent EP Mountain songs, his experience as the new lead guitarists for the Fortunes Found and how his songwriting has changed.

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    Tim German AKA Eel O'Neal: Indie Pro Wrestler

    Elijah sits down with Tim German AKA Eel O'Neal, a stage/improv actor and professional wrestler. They talk about his upcoming play The Grand Concourse, his time at Second City Improv in Chicago and Flying V Theatre's brand new pro wrestling promotion.

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    Shana "Danger" Dobson: UFC Flyweight

    Elijah sits down with UFC Women's Flyweight, Shana "Danger" Dobson. They talk about her career, her experience on The Ultimate Fighter reality show, and a new addition to her fight name.

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    Alanna Olive Smith: Pro MMA Fighter

    Elijah sits down with Alanna Olive-Smith, a professional MMA fighter. They discuss what it is like being an up and coming fighter as well as all things MMA.

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    Sabina Grewal: Yogi

    Elijah sits down with Sabina Grewal, a yogi and owner/operator of Yoga Bliss Studios in Gaithersburg, MD.

    They talk about her story, the origins and benefits of yoga as well as movement alchemy.

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    Eli Lev: Singer Songwriter

    Elijah sits down with singer songwriter Eli Lev.

    They discuss crowd sourcing creativity, the joy of performance and inspired songwriting.

    Eli also performs live in studio including a track off his upcoming album, Way Out West.

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